As everyone knows, finding affordable health insurance can be a perennial problem for artists and designers. While we continually look at ways to help our alumni find and keep health insurance, ongoing changes to national healthcare policy make it increasingly difficult.

To help you navigate your health insurance options, we have compiled the following resources both for alumni within Massachusetts and those living elsewhere. If you find another helpful resource, please contact us so we can add it to this list of resources.

Resources for Massachusetts Residents:

The Massachusetts Health Connector is an online marketplace where you can compare plans from the state's major insurers. We're an independent state agency, so you can shop with confidence.
The Artist's Foundation's pilot program/collaboration with South Boston Community Health Center (SBCHC), which is affiliated with Boston Medical Center (BMC), is another resource for artists.

The Insurance Partnership
(IP) is a new program funded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that can help small business owners and their employees pay for health insurance. For details call the Insurance Partnership at 800-399-8285 and also check out the guidelines on their website

The AIGA Boston Chapter has group health insurance available to its members in good standing who own a small business in MA or NH. See the web site for complete information.

For all alumni regardless of your location, the following links may be helpful:

The U.S. Small Business Administration publishes a booklet called "Small Business Risk Management Guide, #MP-28," which contains information about insurance requirements for the business owner. It is available from the SBA by calling 617-565-5590 or you can download it from their website The Artist Help Network is a free information service designed to help artists take control of their careers and focuses primarily on subjects of interest to fine artists.

The Artist's Health Insurance Resource Center contains helpful resources for those in stage, screen, theater and film careers to access group health insurance plans. See the web site for complete information.
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