Scholarship Recipient Profile

Joshua Hernandez '16 - Fearless Pursuit of Design

Major: Industrial Design

Minor: Sculpture

Class of: 2016

Home Town: Providence, RI



                                                  Joshua in the Industrial Design studios.



What Programs are you involved with at MassArt? Do you work or have internships off campus?  

This is my second term as MassArt’s Student Gallery Manager. I am also in the process of applying for summer internships.  

What is/are your favorite class(es)?

My favorite classes at MassArt so far have been: 3D Design, Design History, Product Rendering, and Integrated Product Design.

What are you working on in your studio this year?                    


"MassArt has made me fearless by preparing me for the real world..."

I am currently in the final stages of three projects. One is re-branding a line of trimmers known as Andis (below). The second project is integrating multiple cultures in a personal brand of furniture.  Lastly, the third project I am completing is a connecting device titled Webe (below). It uses today’s technology to support child development in the classroom.  

How has scholarship aid impacted your education at MassArt?  

I received two scholarships this year. The first has been a huge help with transportation and supplies, two fundamental items that myself and many other MassArt students struggle to fund on our own. The second scholarship allowed me to travel internationally for the first time this spring. The opportunity to study Communication Design in the Global Village in Germany and Poland is a dream come true. 

How has MassArt made you fearless?

MassArt has made me fearless by preparing me for the real world, before I came to the school I was worried where my life would go upon graduation, but since I've transferred, I've become more optimistic and excited for that day to come. I know I am in the right place to become an Industrial Designer, and with that confidence, I can do so much.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to help people in their daily lives and solve global issues through User Experience (UX) Design. and innovative concepts. I find interest in not only redesigning existing products, but also finding ways to challenge new ideas. You can see more of my work here


                                                                Andis, Digital Media 2014

Webe, Digital Media 2014



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